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EEG Technician Training

Neuro Diagnos Techs, LLC was founded with the vision of providing neurodiagnostic training to the Tri-State area. 


We are dedicated to being a catalyst in the changing medical field. Neuro Diagnos Techs, LLC educates students in becoming leaders, thinkers, and go-getters. We look to challenge our students to broaden their horizons in the EEG field and excel at Evoke Potential and NCV testing. Our goal is to enable each of our students to expand their level of thinking and become cognizant of the daily functions of the neuro system in order to administer outstanding patient care.


We specialize in intensive EEG training. Where we change your everyday way of thinking and mold you to become a strong EEG Technician.  

Whether you’ve always had a love for the medical field, you’re curious about the neurodiagnostic area that keeps providers running, or you’re looking for a fun, exciting career path – or all 3 – NeuroDiagnosTech can help you put your potential to work in this growing, fast-paced field. Partnerships with leading hospitals and medical providers help you expand your career possibilities when you graduate*. And the training is tailored to the sophisticated systems driving the modern neurodiagnostic industry.

  • Work with equipment used in the field.

  • Train with nationally registered instructors who bring years of professional experience to your classes.

  • Learn to operate and set up tests

* Employment not guaranteed.

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